Why don’t $40 millionaires Boves take care of their rental properties?


Looking at statewide data from 2016, I have found that the Bove Brothers are worth a minimum of $40,000,000 in land value, likely easily upwards of $50,000,000 when one considers the value of their pasta sauce empire and rental property income. So for two brothers to be worth so much, to be in the .1% of Vermonters, why couldn’t they spend just a bit of their large profits to ensure their properties were kept up to code? Why do they take renters’ deposits, which is life savings for their tenants and just a drop in the bucket for the Boves, when they are wealthier beyond most Vermonters’ imaginations?

As I will show in a later post, this sort of behavior unfortunately didn’t start with the current Bove generation, but began with their parents as soon to be evidenced with documents showing fines and Housing Board of Review decisions. Atleast the previous generation had the good sense to not hire drug dealers to ‘fix’ their units.


Why these Vermont politicians need to return Bove’s money immediately.


It’s tough to see that some of Vermont’s most powerful politicians receive money from Rick and Mark Bove and feel like low-income Vermonters are being heard right now. It’s tough to see thousands of dollars, some of which was squeezed from low-income families, going to support politicians that are supposed to protect the very same vulnerable and marginalized families who have had money taken from them. It’s tough to see these elected officials remain silent in the face of growing evidence of negligence and malfeasance. We demand that these politicians return the Boves’ dirty campaign money immediately.



Burlington Mayor Weinberger, a parking lot, and Rick and Mark Bove

In December 2017, the city of Burlington sold a public parking lot to Rick and Mark Bove, even though the year before they had 38 housing violations on adjacent properties. A few months later, the Bove Brothers gave Mayor Weinberger a nice reelection gift to the tune of $2,000. They also happen to be friends on Facebook, which gives the impression of conflict of interest.




Attorney General T.J. Donovan and Mark Bove

Our Attorney General has not yet investigated what relationship Rick and Mark Bove may have had with Almighty Peaks Painting, a front that was busted with 1 kilo of heroin by the DEA in 2017. In 2016, the Boves gave TJ $400 in party-night expenses, likely some of their food, in addition to $1,000 in cash. In 2018 they returned to give another $1,000 election donation, even though TJ is running unopposed.


On top of this, just this March, TJ judged a local iron chef competition with Mark Bove. It certainly looks like a very chummy relationship.




Governor Phil Scott and Mark Bove

Governor Scott has been a booster of the slumlords’ Bove Pasta Sauce company, standing with them and helping them return to Vermont. He happened to receive a $4,000 donation shortly after the move was announced. They are also friends on Facebook.



Lt Governor Candidate, former Rep, and Milton Town Manager Don Turner.

Mark Bove credits Phil Scott, Dick Mazza (more on this in another post), and Don Turner with helping bring his company back to Vermont. Shortly after investing his dirty money in Milton with Turner’s support, Turner was given $750 in-kind donations for an event, likely Bove food products. They are also friends on Facebook.

The Boves and Almighty Peaks Painting


The Boves hired Almighty Peaks Painting for years, a company busted with a kilo of heroin last year, and ignored the complaints of residents. Then, the city sold property to the Boves, who had done business for years with a drug dealer, a story for another day.


Almighty Peaks was the plow company. I called them (one time) and asked them to come out and we were told by our landlord not to come out until it stops snowing, and it was that 72 hour storm. Several cars got stuck. IS THIS LEGAL? Part of my lease is that they would cover plowing, I assume that means I can safely leave and come back. The fire lane wasn’t plowed.”


Almighty peaks Took everything out of garage when domestic assault case, woman moved out and man’s stuff was left behind. They took it and sold it on craigslist, also stole from apartment.”


“Hire Almighty Peaks Painting, they sell drugs in the building.”


“There’s no way to contact Bove. No way to email him, no way to call him, because they keep us at bay. Police reports about painters going in to apartments, they stole medicine on the third floor.”

Bove’s Homecoming Event Letter


As of today we have contacted every organization involved in the Bove’s Homecoming event and we have asked them to not participate in the events. Here is the email below.

If you appreciate or love any of these orgs, please email them and let them know you don’t want them associated or doing business with predatory landlords.

Our Partners: Pizza Papillo, Sausage Shack, It’s A Utica Thing, The Vermont Butcher Shop with their new Switchback Brewing Company BBQ Sauces, SunCommon, Joey the Clown, Cabot Creamery Co-operative, Sisters of Anarchy (Fisher Brothers Farm), Ken Lacouture Producer/ Documentary. Featured music will be Shake which is a 2018 Finalist for “Best Pop Band” in Vermont for the 2018 Seven Daysies awards!


Hi _______

We noticed you will be at Bove’s Homecoming next week and we are hoping you will step away from doing business with the Bove Brothers, who have an unfortunate history of preying on hundreds of low-income, working-class Vermonters. http://boycottboves.com/boves-horror-stories/

Please check our website out and please let us know when you choose to stop doing business with folks who have hurt so many vulnerable neighbors and friends, so that we can publicly celebrate your courage in standing up for the little guy.

Thank you.


The Condition of a Bove Brothers Property, Monarch Apartments in Essex, Vt


I wanted to share some photos I took over the winter of Monarch Apartments in Essex, VT, owned by the Boves. Residents told me that the place always looks like this – trash strewn, often left for months on end. Used needles were found both outside and inside, around play structures, making it hard for children to be left alone, whether it be to play inside or out. Tenants told me these problems were like this for months before I showed up.

In the words of one single mother, “They’re [children] not allowed to go play, run around, do anything. They’re prisoners. We all are.”

Bove’s Pasta Sauce claims to be a family-friendly business, but does this look family friendly to you?

Updated Horror Stories Page


Hi all,

While I collect evidence to share, some folks have rightly questioned where I have gotten my information from. I will be sharing more info in the coming days. For now, I just wanted to let you know I have updated the Horror Stories Post to give more details about who was talking and how I contacted them. Thanks.


Some background information on Boves Ownership in Burlington


As we get the site up and running it’s important to give some background information about why the Boves have failed to live up to housing standards in our community, and why we are calling for a boycott of all Bove products. The information presented on this site so far is shocking, but it has merit. Below are three articles from Seven Days over the past 5 years showing the number of code compliance issues.

1) In 2013 the city of Burlington held Bove’s liquor license because they refused to get into code compliance.

2) Also in 2013, one of the Bove’s buildings was deemed uninhabitable. “Live electrical wires dangling from a ceiling generate the same response — which is what happened last month at a North Williams Street apartment owned by local pasta pasha Rick Bove. (bolding is mine) Ward’s team decreed that place uninhabitable on July 15.”

3) In 2017, a single Bove-owned building had wracked up over 38 code violations.

4) As Rick Bove said in 2013, “You can write whatever you like. It doesn’t much matter to me” [“Fix It, Man,” August 21, 2013].

Connection with Rick and Mark?

Some folks are also asking what is the connection between the landlord Rick Bove and his pasta-sauce brother Mark Bove. Here is some examples of housing owned under Bove Brothers Realty, owned by both brothers, and below are screenshots from the Secretary of State’s website showing ownership.


What’s this all about?


Hi all,

Welcome to BoycottBoves.com. We are a group of former and current Bove tenants and their supporters, and we have come together to share some of the terrible things that have happened under Rick and Mark Bove’s business and rental ownership. Please check out what we have up so far and join our boycott of Bove’s Slumlord Pasta Sauce.


When you buy their sauces and frozen products, please consider those who have been harmed to build their empire.


Boycott Boves